ABOUT "G & J  Design Visions"

"Where your imagination turns into Masterpiece."

                                 by Yugo T.


            Yo Designs:

            They are skilled designers as well as master craftsmen, they have a passion for diamonds and gemstones, and they take great pride in crafting unique pieces with precious metals.  There is nothing more rewarding for them than sharing their creations with You.

All the designs of Jewellery in Stock has been designed and created at this moment from Hong Kong Young Designers and more will be added.

yellow gold white diamond gnj.zone halo ring

            Ye Designs: 

            Working closely with Jewellery Manufacturers for years, we have selected manufacturing facility features state-of-the-art production and manufacturing equipment to expedite the design, manufacturing, finishing and repair of jewellery in platinum and gold.. 

            As a result, even some of the local jewelers choose us to handle their manufacturing service, and repair needs.

            If you need sizing, repair, or any other type of jewellery service, you, too, can trust our talented and experienced goldsmiths. 

             G & J is a platform created with the meaning to help people to discover what jewellery is about. We are here to help You find , Create or Develop any ideas and/or wishes. You will get advise from Professionals in each field that will go through all the aspects of your desires.

            We are a Team of Young professionals from Diamond Dealer, Jewellery Designer and Jewellery craftman.

Each Stage of the conception of your Jewellery will be minutious shared and technically checked to suit your vision of Your Masterpiece.

            This is the reason why we have split into different categories.


            Re Designs:


          Lately, we have been working closely with customers that want to remodel their jewelleries.

In this category, we show you the old jewelleries

          we have been redesigning, remodelling, recreating, restoring, modernizing or reconditioning to suits Your expectations and wishes.           Mostly, we will first get a glimps at what you wish, and submit it to our skilled designers as well as master craftsmen to preserve the main gems and craft your Unique masterpiece.

          check our " Instagram " to follow what we did for them.

​            Re Finement:


            This category is sharing you the knowledge to understand why jewellery is an art. all about the diamonds, gems, precious metals, history of each of them. easy way to differenciate and many more.

G & J  Design Visions

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