How to recognize a real Diamond to a fake.

This is a common question we have encounter from the customers and it's legit. Purchasing Diamond is not an everydays purchase you do at the grocerie and we are going to let you discover the way how to define a real Diamond with these simple tricks. 

First, it's better to turn to your trusted jeweller because he is a trained and certified Diamond Grader or Gemmologist.

Sometimes, you will find your family jewelleries and just wonder how real they are.

these tricks are simple but not conclusive since there are more sophisticated way to fake a diamond and we are triving to give you the best guaranties of the genuiness of it.



Methode 1: loose diamond

April 06, 2016

A Diamond sparkles like none other gemstone. this makes a diamond rare and beautiful.

take a white paper, draw a black line and put the diamond on it. you shouldnt see the black line.

if you see the black line, or even some distorted black line, then it probably isn't a Diamond.

Due to its high refractive index, light is bend through a diamond so sharply that you won't be able to see anything of the black line.

or draw a black dot, if it's a diamond, you won't see it, but if it's not a Diamond, you will see circular reflection in the stone.

this first methode is useable for unmounted Diamond and easy to catch.

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