Tutorials of how to take care of your Jewelleries.

Jewelleries are a high value purchase that you just can't forget to take care of them.

different gemstones, different allys, takes different ways to preserve their bueautiy and maintain their luster and fantasy.

How to clean your Diamond Jewelleries

For gold jewelleries set with Diamonds , it is quite easy and everyone can do it.

As you may have checked the propreties of a Diamond, they tend to attract oil and reject water (lypophyle). Oil stick onto the diamonds and attract all the dust and dirt on it, making it less brilliant.


1. take a bowl of law water with dishsoap (avoid one with moisturiser!), put your diamond jewelleries into it and let them soak for 30 mins,

2. take them out and gently brushes them with a very soft toothbrush.

3. rinse the jewellery and check if any dirt is still on it.

if so, please repeat from point 1.

4. if the jewel is cleaned, put it on a tissue paper to let it soak all the water away. 

5. If you still see soe dirty or irregularities on your Jewel, please go to your Jeweller and he will be pleased to help you get your Jewel back to new.

6. you have a brand new jewel ready to shine back on you!



P.S. This way only works for DIAMONDS and GOLD!!!!! 

reason is that diamonds can't be altered by the soap while other gemstones are more fragile!


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